A New Talmud to the Gentiles In Their Latter Times




The arranger of the words: dl Andrews
It was just after graduation from Arizona Bible Institute, that I began receiving Words, - words of which I did not know the meaning! I was 21. At first I would begin saying the word, and then become curious as to the meaning and go to the dictionary for relief! Then sometimes immediately, but other times within a few days, I would be able to see that it was meant for enlightenment on  a portion of scripture that had puzzled me, or for guidance, or to help someone else  understand their circumstances.

After awhile, it would be names also, that I was saying, and it came to me that I was to pray for that person altho I would not remember ever hearing the name. 

At times there would be a great burden with the words or name; and sometimes the burden would persist for a week or so.  Once I found myself saying “Hochiman trail,”  and with a heavy burden. It came to me that perhaps campers had gotten lost and were in danger; and that was at the same time a couple with a baby had been stuck in a blizzard on a lonely road they had taken as a shortcut. I'm sure there were others praying for them also, - for our God has many children who are open to His loving and caring proddings.

The Last  couple pages, you might say, are timelines of 'prophesies' given at various times over the period of a few years. And I will be forever grateful to my mother, Mary Andrews, for the part she played in their collection.

Mother was never one to talk a lot, - unless there was something that needed to be said, or there came an opportunity to make a little play-on-words, to repeat a joke, or to quote some relevant tidbit from the Bible.  But while I was privileged to care for Mother after she suffered a stroke, there were times that she shared some things with me. In one of those instances, Mother told a dream she had about prophecies. In the dream, the Lord God reminded her of how He had used her in the 'gift of prophecy.'  She told Him she did not remember being used by Him in that way. Then He reminded her of all the little slips of paper she had written-on, and saved in a dresser drawer. Now I had been the one to pack-up Mom's and Dad's things when they moved-in with my husband Carl and myself; and I did not remember seeing those little slips of paper; although I did recall her telling a dream once-in-a-while, that led her to pray for someone, - and later hearing of the answer to her prayer.

So, from then - on, I was more faithful in writing down words that came to me, of which I knew-not the meaning; along with the date and time. If there was no pen & paper handy, It would be listed as "early a.m., afternoon, evening," etc.  When receiving a name of someone,  who I assume is in need of prayer: first the name will come forcibly into mind and I begin saying it out loud; go write it down, and then begin lifting them to God in prayer. 

This is my disclaimer: If your name appears in my list, it is because it was given to me for prayer; and could actually be for someone else who bears the same name.    

It was in September, 2012 that I began waking many mornings between 2:00 and 4:00 with lots of  words! At first I began keeping a notebook and pencil handy and would write it all down. But then it just seemed easier to use the computer (maybe Enoch was given something similar to write the many books the Lord God gave him to copy and leave with his family and friends).

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to be a prophet, priest, or even a 'holy saint', to be able to receive 'Words' from The Lord God. He is always speaking, - all over the Earth! He is giving guidance through alignments of heavenly bodies; cloud formations; dreams; words which come into mind that are unknown to you; through a friend, an acquaintance, your pet animals; and even by messages flashing across the TV screen which a searcher for Truth may receive as illumination or guidance.




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