Words that came to a Searcher for Truth on September twelve, two thousand twelve:

Is it not true, - that the majority of humanity in the Age of the Gentiles have assumed that I was through with speaking to man for a printed Word?

You claim to cling on every word of medieval man’s canonicity, assuming the works of any following, - to be either false, not essential, or non-applicable to your Times.


I fill all things! It is My Powerful Presence in the center of every atom of your universe that may be dreadfully destructive if not directly designated when divided.

It is I Who sit upon the circle of the Earth and the inhabitants are like grasshoppers. Yet your way is not ever hid from Me, and those who wait upon Me shall be able to fly above their circumstances as the eagles, and have their strength renewed!

I Am the One Who continually oversees the guidance of all nomenclature of Astronomy, Physiology and Geology.

I Am Here for You.             Will You trust Me?                         I AM Love.

I, through My Image on Earth, Paid the ultimate Price to redeem you from the hand of the evil one. It is by faith in My Blood that was shed as the ultimate sacrifice for the remission of sin upon repentance, - that makes both Jew and Gentile clean and whole: no longer Jew nor Gentile, male nor female in My sight; but rather one new creature in Jesus Christ (YHSWH the Messiah Adonai).

Contrary to your assumptions, I have continued giving to My children of every family on Earth… WORDS.

And I will continue to give Words, at times, to My sons and daughters of Earth, - as I have spoken through men and women of years gone-by. You must not reject My Words because of their lives. Remember, - I used the harlot Rehab to be great2 grandmother to My servant David the King of Israel. And moreover, his great grandfather to the 8th was born of a woman who justly feigned to be an harlot! The lives of some of these today have also had many flaws; but I choose to use them for their willingness to listen, and to experiment with Truth.     site map