My name is YHSWH. Although men have ascribed to Me the name of Jesus, - it is not the name given to Me by My Father, as you have learned by your interest in the many enigmatic messages that are hidden in the written text. I AM a sequestrian. I, only, dwell in Light to which no man can approach. Nonetheless, I AM always concerned about the affairs of men, and I AM always speaking to you either by the reading of the Bible ; through Astromers, a prophet or prophetess; or through many other methods. If you listen, you will hear - in fact, I am at your door even now, desiring entrance.

I have given information to various people in your times; but their words were either not received as from Me, not deemed to be important, or hid from your eyes by governmental authorities and Mystery Babylon.

In the fifteen-hundreds - years of your times, there lived a British prophetess known as Mother Shipton. Among her prophecies, she foretold that women would begin to "dress like men and trousers wear, and cut-off their locks of hair."  

I do honor the decency and faithfulness of women in the West who hold fast their form of modesty in dress - to please their Creator. But they must not stand as judge! unto those who have accepted change with decency. Because, like My faithful Apostle Paul, you must be willing to accept change when it is in the prospect of saving a soul. He was a 'Pharisee of the Pharisees; but when in Rome, he did as the Romans: so they, seeing he was one of them - would hear him.

The daughters of My servants in the East have not departed from their customary way of dress that pleases their husbands as well as their Creator. I must give them honor.

Because of the Times, with women as well as men having to work outside the home, they have not taken time to teach their children the most important matters of life - Truth, Thankfulness, Modesty and Making best use of time. And like a canker sore, their carelessness has bred many temptations for inordinate passions among those who have not a love for decency and Truth.

In the Early nineteen hundreds of your counting of time, the Russians suffered tremendous upheaval of governmental economic systems until the inhabitants of those lands lost all recognition of who they were, what they were becoming, where they were supposed to be, and what they were to do! The author of a great literary work was able to peer into people's souls and describe them in a way no one ever talked about; and from time to time he spoke of Me in a way that enables you to realize their dependence upon Me to make everything be all right in the end. You cannot judge them in things that transpired in their lives; for if the Foundation be destroyed - what can the Righteous do?

Just so, among every nation of My Earth, - there are those in these Latter Days of your Times,  to whom I have chosen to give 'Words',  and they are eager to share My Knowledge with others worldwide


Words About Ancient Ages 

"Think not that I created man on Earth with a will of his own and aspirations to become like Me - and then just left him to evolve on his own! Was it not My anointing that gave great men of old the drive to be 'thinkers' and 'doers' to bring Earth's occupants out of darkness into light?

But 'Babylon' and 'Mystery Babylon' have robbed Me of My due place in the minds of men!

Unlike the Words given through My chosen people Israel - My Words given to men of other nations have not been guarded, - as the scribes of My people have guarded My Word; and My honor has been attributed to invented gods of fantasy!

Of the Greeks: Homer and Hesiod wrote under My anointing - didactic poetry!  Some were prophesies foretelling My fierce wrath that would be poured-out against all wickedness; and by My anointing, they also wrote words of guidance for all areas of life - because of My love and tender care for all nations of Earth. But their works were corrupted when acted out in theatrical plays; each time, being changed to suit the writers - thereby robbing Me of esteem among men; attributing My power to that of their gods.

In the days of Moses, his father-in-law Jethro of the land of Midian was one of My prophets.  It was no accident that Moses, when fleeing from the Egyptian king - was led to the backside of that desert where for forty years I trained him to be able to survive under difficult circumstances and then called him to lead My chosen people out of the bondage from which they so desperately desired deliverance.

When I had brought them to My holy Mount Sinai I saw their trusting love and devotion, and knew it was time to make a covenant with them to protect and prosper them. For when the time was right, I would bring forth My only begotten Son into the world with DNA that had not been tainted from mixture with other families of Earth.

I called My most humble servant Moses, to the top of the mount upon which I ascended - robed in the image I had created in which to walk with the man I had made. I also allowed others of the elders to see Me in the glory of that Image I had created before all things - for He is the beginning of My earthly creations.

I wanted to talk to all the people camped around My mount; but when they heard the voice of the Trumpet sounding loud and long, and the thundering of My voice - they were afraid and began moving farther away.

So it was there that I delivered unto Moses all the instructions for the Covenant I desired to make with that family of Earth; and when they all agreed with one voice to all the words of the Covenant, they became My People by Covenant forever!

Afterward when Moses was at his wit's end with the complexity of problems arising among My people - Jethro, being in tune with another dimension of knowledge - was sent to My wandering people to give the understanding necessary for Moses to carry-on systematically.

My prophet Balaam was well-known by Balak, king of Midian - as a prophet to be relied-upon; and was called out of another country to curse a great throng of traveling people who were feared by every nearby nation. I warned him not to go; but he, desiring fame; and from fear of an earthly king - did go; but because of the fear that he had before Me - was able to enter into another dimension where he saw the past, present and future of My people at once and blessed them with words that I put into his mouth.

After the first cleansing of Earth from wickedness and when men had begun to multiply again, they were all of a gregarious sort, wanting to stick together and build for themselves a great city. I had allowed them to continue in one pure language; and in the episode of the Tower of Babel - with their combined aspirations they were able to discover technologies you have never known in this - your day. And as in every one of Earth's Ages, their pride of knowledge led them to believe they could be in control of their own surroundings and destinies.  Therefore, I did apply a block to their thoughts which hindered their understanding of each other and confused their minds - so that each family of earth wandered away, seeking their own habitations.

There are others who have greatly desired the esoteric knowledge of those ancients; but without the key of love and of 'fearing before Me', have attributed it to ancient gods and goddesses, apparitions of ghostly beings, and aliens to your planet! Because they have not acknowledged the fact that My Spirit does fill all things and worship before Me - therefore they have not been able to find that dimension into which the former prophets and others have been able to see.

In the proverbs of King Solomon of Israel, I have given instructions for obtaining knowledge: and that is to first get wisdom, and with all your wisdom, get understanding; but the Fear of The Lord is the Beginning of wisdom.


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