Perestroika - in the "Latter Days"

'Babylon' and 'Mystery Babylon' - the beast that was, and was not - and yet is.  She was burned with fire in the Last Days of the Age of the Israelites; yet became alive again in the Earth after the First Dominion of Messiah - around 800-900 A.D.  Now when the 'kings of the Earth' consider that by her sorceries they have been kept in darkness, they will hate her for it, and burn her with fire; for they are now receiving concrete evidence of the hidden technologies that were used in ancient ages.  Modern teachers of eschatology will all have to change their stories and the church will see Perestroika.

My Church in these Latter Days of your Times - will see Radical Change!

She is still "Zion" to Me. Although she is a 'people' who were not a 'people', she is now called "The Children of God."

Yes, - "radical change" is not only needed; but is the inevitable pre-requisite in preparation for My Universal Kingdom on Earth.

You are now nearing the culmination of your Age; the next being My Universal Kingdom.
Through My servant Isaiah I spoke and said, "When The Lord brings-again Zion (unites His body on earth) His ministers will see 'eye-to-eye'."

At this moment, out of thousands of My ministers on Earth, there are very few who see 'eye-to-eye' regarding the subject of My Coming for the destruction of Jerusalem and finally all the wicked of the world - as well as My coming at the End of the Age of the Gentiles!

When I came to punish Jerusalem and finally all the wicked of the world - I called it "The Last Days" in which My Messianic Kingdom was birthed; and you call that ensuing era the Dark Ages because Mystery Babylon has hid it from your sight.  But just before I shall come to make changes that will usher in My Universal Kingdom - I have called that: "The Latter Days."

In these latter Times the usual idea is that man has evolved to a highly intelligent state. To the contrary - nations of the Saved have rather degraded themselves! And out of lust for power and control of mankind, they have used espionage and sabotage on the works of great men and women who have found cures; and keys to higher, more economical qualities of life. Yes, throughout all Earth's Ages, I have allowed a few of those who have feared before Me - to be able to see into another dimension that is more real than that you can see with your temporal eyes and they have given you knowledge by which civilization has advanced to higher levels.

Although in other of Earth's Ages I have left potential for evil - this time I have determined to cleanse your blood which I have not done worldwide since the disobedience of your first father. This time, there will be no more sin in My Universal Kingdom on Earth as it was during the First Dominion of Messiah - for during that Age there remained on earth sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, idolaters and liars; although these were not allowed to enter the City of God.

And now I say also - to you  in your times which I have called "The Latter Days"- the cup of My wrath is once more nearing the brim when it is time for the seven last plagues written by My servant John. Your scientists and astronomers are seeking madly to devise ways that they may spare mankind by encountering other planets with atmosphere in which they would be able to survive! They do not know of My great love for all of mankind. They do not know I have created the heavens for the angels, but the Earth is for humanity! And they do not trust My plans for them!

I cannot come back to set-up My Universal Kingdom on Earth until My ministers shall see - with open eyes and heart - Truth about My advents:

Truth... upon which

Up until now - since the beginning of the Age of  Gentiles which you have been calling "Medieval Ages" - Mystery Babylon has been able to keep you in darkness regarding commencements and culminations of  Earth's Ages!

The only way you will be able to survive through this 'Perestroika' is to follow the same instructions I have laid-out for your ancestors  concerning end-time events of  Earth's Ages!

Isaiah repeated My promise: "I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me; because he trusts in Me!"

Hosea repeated My desire: "Turn to God; keep mercy and truth; and wait on your God continually."

And as My servant Micah reported: "What does The Lord require of you but to 'do justly', to 'Love Mercy', and to 'Walk Humbly With Your God'?" These may also be summed up with the two statements I related to the scribe who came questioning regarding the greatest commandment: "The Lord our God is One Lord, and you shall love The Lord your God with all your heart, soul , mind and strength; And you shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Another servant wrote in the canonized book you call "James": "If you love your neighbor as yourself, you do well."
To love your neighbor as yourself is to do no ill to anyone, and also do unto them as you would have others do unto you. By observance of these, you are walking in holiness and are perfect in My sight.

Some of My people today have become confused regarding My Holiness, and are putting emphasis upon themselves and what they say, or do not say, and what they put-on or do not put-on - instead of upon loving Me, and loving their neighbor.

In one of your gatherings regarding the Times, My faithful servant Jefferey revealed to you My heart concerning this matter and I am very happy with what he did in allowing Me to speak My mind concerning the gaudy make-up and jewelry that is worn upon the soul. I'm saying to you, "there are hypocrites in every congregation of worshippers." And as My servant Jefferey related, "I will break forth with blessings upon praisers who come with loud and heartfelt praise; but with fury upon those who come with hoopla, or are there to gaze."

Again, I want to remind you that you are nearing the last of the Latter Days of your Age of the Gentiles. Continue to be strong and of a good courage! Seven angels will pour out the seven last plagues, that will fill-up My Wrath upon wickedness in the Earth which I created and made for Myself. Even now you are beginning to notice sores breaking out upon some of those who refuse to acknowledge My influence upon their lives; you have also noticed seas and oceans with tell-tale signs, and these will grow worse; but I am waiting until the sixth plague has been given - to gather those who are the called, chosen, and faithful.

This time, I will not send My angels to bring you, but I Myself will gather you to be with Me in the Battle of the Great God at Armageddon.

When I shall open your eyes to be able to see Me in the dimension in which I operate - then you will automatically have power over the 'laws of nature' which now hinder you from walking on water or through walls, and flying through space at free will. But as My faithful Apostle Paul taught - you must now, at this time, be willing to become nothing in this present world, and humbly submit to being changed into My Image from one level of glory, to another until you have totally completed your mission on earth.

Finally, - To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself is My only commandment to you. In the performance of this, you will willingly have completed any other instructions concerning Salvation from sickness and sin; And - In this, you will have life, and abide in My love and protection.     site map