I have given to this messenger, signs in the clouds revealing differences between the End of the Age of the Israelites and that of the Gentiles: notice them and you will have understanding of them both. And then all the prophecies in your canonicity of My Word - will automatically fall into place!

As My Truths are revealed to the nations of this Latter Day, their kings will develop a deep hatred for Mystery Babylon and her daughter-organizations and she will be burned with fire of the weapons of your latest technologies!

Now let Me tell you the Trajectory of these Truths as they are hurled to humanity in this hour: Like your philosophers have also said: At first the Words will be ridiculed, then rigorously rejected, and finally received as reality upon consideration of their explanations to the sciences of  archaeology, astronomy and geology.

And if some of My ministers continue to ridicule those who have already begun to Treasure these Truths, they will have to be destroyed with Mystery Babylon as she is burned with fire by those kings whose eyes are now being opened to see the True Trajectory of her Traditions. For Mystery Babylon has had them deceived these hundreds of years as she committed fornication with all the kingdoms of the world. She has had them deceived into believing she is the only viable church for all of Earth's Ages! Even ministers of My Word who claim to be teaching the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth are now joining with her in trying to save their organizational status! Have you not considered My warnings to "Come Out of Her, My People."?

Let Me remind you also, of the vision shown to Zechariah, of the ephah that was wickedness: At first it was one woman representing a 'church', that sat upon the ephah. Later he saw two woman with wings as of a stork and they were carrying it to the Land of Shinar to set it upon its base and to build it a house. The two women were the religions of Babylon that ruled the nations during the first Ages; and of Mystery Babylon that has ruled since the end of that which you are calling the "Dark Ages." They are also the beast that has received a deadly wound and then lives again with the false prophet.

Here is the end of these words by this messenger. Others worldwide are being inspired by My Spirit to write knowledge and instructions for the end of your Age of the Gentiles; but the words being written must not ever be in contradiction to any former or canonized writings of My Word to mankind. Although Mystery Babylon has omitted parts, switched chapters around and changed names to protect the guilty, I have preserved enough of My Word so that lives may be healed and true history will triumph - leaving the deceptive lives of Mystery Babylon in the dust of an ensuing age of enlightenment.

The End of the Israelite Age_Events of 30-70 A.D. 

Jesus (YHSWH) drank the cup of wickedne ss given to him at the  hand of mankind (in His passionate sacrifice of Himself on the cross) to homeopathically purge their sin and sickness (a woman is extending her arm out from the side of the dark cloud, holding something to His mouth); and He is standing in judgment (behind a small round table); Now, the Cup of God's Wrath (dark cone-shaped cloud emptying into a spouted-cup) was full and ready to be poured-out unto the wicked who would not accept His sacrifice. Angels are gathering the Elect who followed YHSWH; and to the right of the table, you may notice the (white) face of His Bride as she gazes in wide-eyed rapture toward the angels. Technological advances of the era are depicted by the appearance of an astronaut (toward the right side of the photo) and space stations as stars falling from the heavens just as the Lord revealed by Amos, ("Though they climb up to heaven, from there I will bring them down."); The cup full of God's Wrath is being poured-out upon the green earth (in the lower right corner) as it is being shaken and destroyed by whirlwinds, hurricanes , earthquakes, and volcanos. Some other objects of His Wrath are falling into an abyss (lower-left corner). The only ones left to repopulate Earth are those righteous who were hiding in dens and caves of the earth. This was the Great Tribulation spoken-of by both Daniel and YHSWH, - to that generation and for the End of that Age.

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The End of the Gentile Age

At the end of the Gentile Age, Jesus (YHSWH) comes riding  a white 'horse' [the original Greek word could also mean a number of  other vehicles including vimanas]; out of His mouth goes a two-edged sword (depicting His Word); YHSWH, this time, is gathering all who have watched and kept their garments; He is gathering them to a place called in the Hebrew tongue -  "Armageddon;" they are the armies following Him on white horses, and clothed in fine linen, white and clean. Every island and mountain will disappear and there will be no more sea; nor 'time' as we realize it now. Those who have not kept their garments will look forward to  God's final judgment at the 'Great White Throne'.


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